Back-to-School, Immune-Boosting Guide

For Kids & their Parents
Our first line of defense against the back-to-school germs & colds—nutrient dense, immune-boosting goodness!

We may not have any way of knowing if our kiddos are trading their healthy lunches for pb & fluff sandwiches & Scooby snacks, but we can make sure that they’re eating nourishing breakfasts before they walk out the door—and when they walk back in come late afternoon snack time!

Every meal AND every snack should include healthy fats & protein for brain-boosting power as well as high quality carbohydrates for mega-vitamins and more sustained energy levels (read: no wild blood sugar swings & melt downs!).

AND, just as importantly, every meal/ snack NEEDS to be simple enough to prepare in minutes & most often, while multi-tasking.

Don’t worry about the trading lunches deal either—I’ve upgraded childhood favorites added a few finger friendly options, & provided 3 of my go-to, healthy-in-disguise, sweet- treat lunch box surprises as well. Your child’s not gonna trade these babies .

My Back-to-School, Immune-Boosting Guide Includes:

  • 5 Easy-Breezy Ways to Upgrade any Breakfast
  • 5, Ready-in-5-Minutes Breakfast Ideas & Recipes
  • 2 Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes– which can be frozen & warmed in the a.m. without any hassle
  • 9 Tips on Upgrading any Lunch Box
  • 7, A + Lunch Box Options
  • 7 Superfood After-School Snack Ideas
  • 3 Healthy-in-Disguise Sweet-Treat Surprises
  • BONUS: My List of Immune-Boosting Must-Have Supplements

*gluten/grain/dairy free requests available upon request

Price: This package values at over $125, but as my Happy-New-School-Year gift to you & your family, I’m offering all 3 meal guides (complete with 22 super-yum recipes) & my BONUS personal, go-to immune-boosting supplement list for ONLY $29.99

Ready to toss the processed, nutrient-deficient cereals & frozen waffles (yup—even the “healthy” ones; ignore the health claims plastered all over the boxes!); get rid of the sugar-laden energy bars & yogurts, and learn how easy it can be to provide your family with nourishing meals AND snacks in a matter of minutes? Go for it! This is so do-able;)

What My Clients are Saying about my Meal Guides…

“Once I began working with Jaime, I immediately felt motivated and inspired to clear the junk out of my pantry, to make wise choices at the grocery stores and to cook nutritional meals for my little ones. She made it easy with her clear explanations, her vast knowledge, her easy-to-follow recipes and her overall understanding.”

—Amy, Chicago

“First of all…every recipe I’ve tried…SO yummy!

Bison Burger with Turnip Hash…slam dunk
Peach Smoothie…home run
Tuna Peppers….touch down

A shocker to me…the Gorgeous Greens for breakfast. I couldn’t get enough. World Champion! I’m hooked on Kale & Arugula together!! Lol”

—Lindsey, Philadelphia, PA

“ [Since starting your Healthy Living Meal Guide], I was definitely feeling better (less bloated, more energy, better skin)”

—Kristin, Seattle, WA

“The most nourishing component is the addition of all of the greens (including the green drink in the morning) and the protein shakes which I love.”

—Judy, New Jersey

“the recipes were great, and i’m incorporating the smoothies and salads for breakfasts and lunch mon-fri now, keeping up w/ the lemon water…best part is, that i haven’t had my normal sleeping troubles… which is MAJOR!”

—Leigh, Orange County

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