5 Tips for Getting in your Greens (Painlessly!)

Spring, Greens, & Things
Despite how  “disconnected” from nature we may appear as we run destination-less on treadmills, eat protein bars instead of real protein, sit among beautiful parks & beaches, friends & family glued to our iphones…our innate connection with nature, no matter how tenuous, is very real. And, never is it more evident than springtime.
We see new blades of grass & flower buds, we hear birds calling back & forth to each other, the breeze through the green leaves, & we’re ready for cleansing & detoxing, spring cleaning, gardens, & new beginnings. Green is the color associated with spring & renewal.
According to Chinese Medicine, spring is the time of year to focus on cleansing & nourishing the liver & the gallbladder–our detoxifying organs. Stimulating & supporting these organs could significantly contribute to weight loss, increased libido, more efficient metabolism, better immune, hormone, & cardiovascular health, reduced sugar cravings, improved energy levels, cleaner blood, & glowing skin to name a few!
Best way to kick off your liver-detox: LEAFY GREENS! C’mon, your body’s begging for it;)
5 Tips for Getting in your Greens
1. Throw ’em in a smoothie. If adding kale or collards to your smoothie seems to hardcore for you, try blending a handful of parsley with pear, or a handful of cilantro with pineapple & mango, or add some romaine & cucumber to your berry blend.
2. Get your green on for breakfast. Instead of toast & eggs, try your over-easies with a bowl of fresh greens (arugula, spinach, mixed greens). Toss the greens with some olive oil, lemon juice, & avocado, then top with an egg or two.
3. Soup! So easy & it always tastes good. Kale, collards, mustard greens, & swiss chard go beautifully with white beans, or sausage & tomatoes, or sweet potatoes.
4. Swap out the potato chips for kale chips. It’s as simple as tearing up kale or collard greens, tossing them in salt, oil, & lemon juice and cooking at 300 degrees for 25 minutes on a baking sheet.
5. Seaweed sprinkles. Seaweed is the ultimate in green nourishment. Try Kelp Granules or Dulse Flakes by Maine Coast Sea Vegetables. Add them to your salads, dressings, grains, veggies, ground meat dishes.– & no one will even suspect the mega-dose of minerals;)

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