A La Carte Services

Supermarket Tour

When selecting foods to buy, the choices you make directly affect your health. Most of us tend to buy the same foods over and over; or we only buy foods we’re familiar with. With vision & awareness, you can expand your options and eat more healthfully. Also included: natural and alternative sweeteners guide, season guide to fruits and veggies, top foods to buy organic, cooking guide for legumes and grains, safest meats & fish to choose, suggested meal & snack ideas, and more!

Kitchen Cleanse
What foods are in your fridge, freezer, and pantry? Are the foods you’re eating supporting you & your family? We will discuss ALL the food in your kitchen & YOU will be armed with the info you need to determine what is healthy & what is not, and how to replace it. Also included: recipes & meal/snack ideas, guides for cooking oils, seasonal fruits & veggies, and best foods to buy organic.

Cooking Demos
Choose from Great Grains, Allergy-Free, Glorious Greens, Kids: Snacks & Lunchboxes, Probiotic Foods & Drinks, Bone Broths, or Smoothies for You & Your Kiddos.
Learn how to prepare new foods quickly & easily, and leave with a bunch of recipes, ideas, and leftovers!

*There is an additional fee if I’m required to travel over 15 miles.