What My Clients are Saying…

“Jaime is wonderfully tuned in to each individual’s needs.  She asks a broad range of questions about your daily living, which she uses to craft a tailored program for you, and what is realistic for you.  When I talked with other people about the quality, scope and degree of service I got with Jaime, they were surprised at how thorough she is.  She approaches each consultation as a partnership, and always leaves you feeling empowered and excited about nutritional changes.  I actually compared notes with my cousin, who engaged similar services, and she was given a to-do list of supplements, and a no-no list of foods to stop eating.  A complete 360 from the fresh recipes, articles, and food demos Jaime shared with me!  If you are looking for the most well-rounded, research-driven plan, plus a lovely partner to encourage you along your path, call Jaime.”
–Julie, Philadelphia, PA

“You should be very proud of “us” – we got such a good report from the doctor: ‘ Your cholesterol is among the lowest I have ever seen with your HDL (“good”) cholesterol almost doubling the LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Fabulous!’ “
-Laurie, Philadelphia, PA

“I went to Jaime for help to clean up my diet and possibly help with my debilitating migraines. She far exceeded my expectations and I can’t thank her enough or recommend her more highly. She taught me how to cook foods I was unfamiliar with (grains, sea veggies, fermented foods, etc.) and showed me how simply and quickly I could incorporate healthy foods (even when I thought I was healthy) in to my every day routine. I felt better in a matter of weeks in ways I did not imagine – no more stomach bloating/aches, more energy and I was able to control my migraines as well. This was unexpected and a surprise as I had been working on my migraines via many doctors and drugs. She also gave me fantastic recipes which I still use over a year later and I’ve gone back to her for further dietary help which she always gives quickly and thoroughly. Jaime is one of the most diligent, kind and thoughtful people I know and is always thinking about the best way to help each of her clients to address their individual needs.”

-Zoey, Philadelphia, PA

“I give Jaime my highest recommendation as a health coach. She gave me loads of recipes and food preparation tricks I utilize to this day and a even a salad spinner! She’s very generous and knowledgeable with a great kitchen-side manner. Jaime educated me on the joys of sea vegetables and fermented things and was a joy to work with.”

-Nikki, Philadelphia, PA

“Jaime,   [since our mini-consult (& your suggestions)], I feel/look better already. Thanks for your help.”
-Andrea, Philadelphia, PA

“ In the short time that we have been working together, she has been more than accommodating and understanding towards my lifestyle and health goals. I suffered from yeast overgrowth for far too long and after a few meetings with Jaime, I had my first completely clear PAP smear in 5 years. I also suddenly felt a restored sense of energy, which was something that I had not even realized that I had been missing. The ability to share such a renewed sense of body with Jaime has been a beautiful and enriching experience. I would earnestly, and without hesitation, recommend it to anyone seeking health advice.”
-Nicole, Philadelphia, PA

“As a busy mom of three, I was unhappy with the lack of time and energy that I was putting into feeding my kids healthily. Once I began working with Jaime, I immediately felt motivated and inspired to clear the junk out of my pantry, to make wise choices at the grocery stores and to cook nutritional meals for my little ones. She made it easy with her clear explanations, her vast knowledge, her easy-to-follow recipes and her overall understanding.”
-Amy, Chicago

“My general health has improved and I have you to thank for that.”
-Christine, Ft Meyers, FL

“I wanted to share with you that I just had my colonoscopy and the results were much better than last year, I think as a result of your coaching and program.  There were only 3 polyps – the doctor was much less of an alarmist this year (this compared to 7 polyps last year).   I have continued the basis of your program…and my love for greens has continued to grow…Thank you so much, your program is great as are you.”

-Judy, Annandale, NJ

“First of all…every recipe I’ve tried…SO yummy!

Bison Burger with Turnip Hash…slam dunk
Peach Smoothie…home run
Tuna Peppers….touch down

A shocker to me…the Gorgeous Greens for breakfast. I couldn’t get enough. World Champion!  I’m hooked on Kale & Arugula together!!  Lol”
-Lindsey, Philadelphia, PA