Working by Phone

Harmony’s health and nutrition programs are available nationwide via phone.  Great care was taken to develop an effective way of delivering the nutrition programs via phone and Internet.

Working by phone has many advantages, including:

    • Flexibility to do the program from wherever you are at the moment
    • Guidance in creating a warm, healing environment in the comfort of your own space
    • Ability to go into your kitchen, and in some cases, start cooking, during our call
    • No commuting time!

How does it work?
We meet by phone twice a month for an hour.  At the end of our sessions, I email your personalized recommendations and notes from our session for you to keep in your Health Binder.  In addition to the health coaching sessions, I further support you by sending recipes, articles, handouts, cookbooks, meal plans, DVDs, and/or exercises.

Contact me today at 404-754-2290 or  to schedule your FREE initial consultation!