Probiotics! The Low Down

We’re all drawn to probiotic supplements for different reasons; some of us are seeking support for our immune system, some of us are hoping to eliminate bloating/intestinal discomfort or yeast overgrowth, maybe we’re hoping to regulate our bowels, or reduce allergies or asthma or improve skin conditions, etc. AND many of us have taken probiotics—even high quality (expensive brands) & have seen little/no benefits.

Sometimes the problem is with the probiotic supplement; the bacteria isn’t able to survive light/heat/stomach acid,…BUT, even if the probiotics reach the intestinal tract alive & ready to kick some bad gut bug booty, the conditions in a weakened gut are too poor to receive the probiotic.

That’s where Candida Freedom comes into play; Candida Freedom is a professional strength probiotic that is a “balance and restore formula”. This powerful formula creates a synergy, offering the type of results that have been strived for by the probiotic industry for over 20 years.

The Candida Freedom formula rapidly produces L+ lactic acid while passing through the small intestines, which helps balance intestinal pH. And with this balanced pH comes the desired environment (real estate) for all other beneficial strains of friendly bacteria – such as the lactobacillus family to colonize, grow, and remain in control.

In other words, this restorative formula helps get your gut in good shape, so that probiotics can do their work!

This balancing act may aide in better digestion, absorption of nutrients, energy production, and elimination of waste.

Candida Freedom Formula:

  • Bacillus coagulans – A transient bacteria that is resistant to extreme heat, light, oxygen and stomach acid. Provides an optimal environment for growth and colonization of a wide variety of friendly bacteria necessary for better digestion and stronger immunity.
  • Aloe vera – Assists in the repair of tissue damage done by bacterial and fungal pathogens.
  • Alpha lipoic acid – Helps in areas of aging, inflammation and oxidation. Boosts cellular energy production. Assists in blood flow to the skin when applied topically.

What sets Candida Freedom apart?
Candida Freedom is a transient probiotic formula with anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties targeting the balance of intestinal flora and the health of internal and external skin

Only &44.99/60-count bottle ( 2 month supply) & comes with specific, personalized oral & topical dosage instructions as well as a list of my trusted multi-strain probiotic brands..
For questions & orders, contact Jaime @ or 404-754-2290.

What my Clients are Saying about Candida Freedom:

“Within 3 days of taking the probiotic, I wasn’t constipated anymore.’
-MS, Philadelphia

“After only 1 wash with the probiotic soap, my daughter’s eczema has gotten so much better!”
-DS, San Francisco

“I lost 3 lbs in a week just by taking the probiotic”
-BS, Philadelphia

“My son’s eczema, which has been pretty bad, has cleared considerably by taking the probiotic supplement & using the soap.”
-WB, Philadelphia

“I opened up a capsule of my probiotic & gave a little to my baby & it helped clear her hand-foot-mouth disease right up!”
-KW, Boulder

“Loving the supplement. Thank you! I’m soooo much less bloated.  I’m thankful I started them!”
-AW, Atlanta, GA

“Since taking the supplement & using the soap on my face, I haven’t gotten my usual premenstrual chin zit—nicknaned, Samuelita!”
—Yours Truly ☺