Incorporate PROBIOTIC TONICS (a.k.a. water kefir) into your daily routine and you & your family can benefit from one of the world’s best sources of probiotics!

Learn, Create, & Taste-Test for yourself with my Do-It-Yourself Starter Kit… 

…and believe me, you’ll want in on this if you want to:

  • -Reduce belly bloat & flatten those abdominals
  • -Eliminate gas & regulate bowel function
  • -Increase energy & overall sense of vitality
  • -Kick the sugar cravings
  • -Boost immune system (& your kids’)
  • -Support metabolism
  • -Improve the  condition of your hair, skin, & nails
  • -Balance your moods & your body!
  • -Save big $$$ on probiotic supplements

My PROBIOTIC TONICS are fizzy, tangy, cultured, enzyme-rich drinks that are filled with friendly micro-organisms that help restore & maintain digestive-wellness & overall health!

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And you’ll receive:

  • water kefir grains AND instructions on how to care for them so they last a LIFETIME!
  • water kefir grain “food”
  • recipes for making flavored tonics you & your family will love (think: grape & vanilla soda, gingered ale, lemonade, citrus sparkler, etc)
  • instructions for how to use your water kefir grains to ferment coconut water AND milk (for a dairy based kefir)
  • free email access to ME, your very own Health Coach, for all your tonic-making questions
  • a probiotic tonic video demonstration

For in-person probiotic tonic workshops,  starter kit orders &/more information, please contact me.