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This Spring’s Daily Detox Guide

*For anyone wanting to feel fit & fabulous this season

Spring is an ideal time to detox; Nature’s harvest is rich with low-fat, low-mucus foods like sprouts, berries, & greens. These foods have exceptional detoxification properties, which are particularly beneficial after a winter season of eating heavier foods, which can leave us feeling sluggish, bloated, & tired.


But I’m not gearing up for a 3-5-7-10 day detox. Because “detox” isn’t just about a specific period of time. Too often, people participate in overly restrictive detox programs & feel hungry, exhausted, depleted & ready to binge on all the unhealthy foods & habits they intended to detox from!

In order to look my best & feel my best ALL season, I know I have to DETOX DAILY. Some days this could mean replacing a meal with a green smoothie, or enjoying a superfoods salad, or slurping up some rice noodles drenched in my  delicious detox pesto.

The point is: this is do-able on a daily basis.

This is a FEEL-FANTASTIC EVERY DAY clean-eating program.

In my newest guide, This Spring’s Daily Detox, I will give you all my secrets for detoxing daily  using spring’s bountiful harvest of fat-burning, disease-preventing, energy-boosting foods.

The Guide Includes:

  • 7 cleansing spring smoothie recipes
  • 7 superfood salad recipes
  • 7 nourishing, energy-rich, DELICIOUS dinner recipes (gluten free, vegetarian & omnivore-friendly)

Include 1, 2, or 3 “detox” meals into your day, depending on YOUR schedule, your lifestyle, your body’s needs…and watch your energy soar & your waistline shrink;)

Only $19.99 for your guide to vibrant-living all season long!

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*guide will be available by 3/15/13

Back-to-School, Immune-Boosting Guide
For Kids & their Parents

Our first line of defense against the back-to-school germs & colds—nutrient dense, immune-boosting goodness!

We may not have any way of knowing if our kiddos are trading their healthy lunches for pb & fluff sandwiches & Scooby snacks, but we can make sure that they’re eating nourishing breakfasts before they walk out the door—and when they walk back in come late afternoon snack time!

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